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« on: July 08, 2013, 08:02:04 AM »
Been playing a bit of LOTRO lately, and NWO.  Was getting rather burnt out on DDO, and needed to take a break.  LOTRO is pretty fun.  I have a level 20 human hunter, and last night rolled a hobbit minstrel who is now level 7.  Surprisingly different game than DDO.  Pace is quite a bit slower, and so far combat seems much more simplistic, but looking at class skill trees, it looks like it can be rather complex at higher levels.  Much less instanced than DDO as well.  But once you adjust to the new pace, the game is very aesthetically pleasing.  Nice landscapes and vast scale.  My level 20 has maybe explored 5% of the game map.

If there is interest in opening a Blackmoor Kinship, I am on server Meneldor.  At least eight (?) characters are required to form a kinship.  A new FTP player can have 2 characters, premium (what I am) can have 5.  So we'd need at least 2 other people, assuming both are free. Or one other, if you want to spend $10 on the starter pack, which gives you a horse and greatly speeds up travel time, we could do it with just 2 accounts.  Anyway, not sure how long I'll be on this LOTRO kick, but if anyone wants to join me sometime, let me know.